You’re from the ancient and mysterious Qing Dynasty. Inside the towering, lofty walls of the Forbidden City under the scarlet glow of evening, you’re accompanying your lord with the endless retinue of feudal officialdom. You’ve seen the bustle of the merchants gathered under the Bell Tower on the banks of Houhai; you’ve witnessed the waxing and waning of the proud eastern empire - the hustle and bustle, the ephemerality of human emotions; the banners and flags rolling back and forth, the changing of the dynasties. You’ve experienced in silence the hypocrisy of the world and consider lifes vicissitudes as transient as fleeting clouds. After a few hundred years, you’re still standing, and though youve been rebuilt a few times, your character is as strong as ever - you do your job with skill and ease and are full of vitality. You’re a living fossil of modern Chinese history and an embodiment of Chinese culture.
   Recently, an ancient Chinese quadrangle has been turned into a fine hotel. At the entrance crouch stone lions from hundreds of years in the past, waiting to receive the admiration of tourists from all over the world. Lie under the carved beams and painted rafters and enjoy the coziness of a spring mattress; sit under hundred year-old date trees and enjoy the rich taste of Brazilian coffee. In the morning, be welcomed by an abundant selection of Chinese and Western delicacies for breakfast; in the evening, revel in the moonlight while listening to the classic "Fishermans Nocturne" performed on the guzheng. Each room is decorated and named after a traditional Chinese musical instrument, so that the quadrangle seems like a museum of classical music. The deep Chinese sentiment lets you sink into the ancient mystery of the Orient, and the meticulous service lets you feel the warmth and comfort of home.
Old Beijing Square, with the Drum Tower to its west, the Forbidden City to its south, and the Temple of Earth to its north, is located in Beijings Dongcheng district. It is a theme hotel that combines lodging, dining, and leisure, and is built on approximately 700 square meters, with eighteen cozy, comfortable, and spacious guest rooms. The rooms include Courtyard Family Rooms, Courtyard Rooms, Four Seasons Suites, Four Seasons Courtyard Rooms, Four Seasons Rooms, Deluxe Rooms.
 The hotel is close to many of Beijings major tourist attractions, such as Wangfujing, the Temple of Earth, Houhai, Jingshan, the Forbidden City, Shichahai, the Drum Tower, Yonghegong Lama Temple, and Nanluoguxiang Hutong. It is 22 kilometers from the Capital Airport, 5 kilometers from Beijing Railway Station, 10 kilometers from Beijing West Railway Station, and 3 kilometers from Tiananmen Square.



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